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    Ashley Designers is one of the leading building permit specialist in the residential industry. We have designed many buildings for nearly 8 years

    • Custom home design
    • Laneway suit
    • Garden suite
    • Home addition


    Use Our Trusted Service To design Your Dream Home projects

    Ashley design is one of the leading building specialist in the construction industry. We have designed many buildings for nearly 8 years.

    A custom home is a type of house that is built to the specific requirements and preferences of the homeowner.

    Garden suites, also known as backyard suites, are separate living spaces that are detached from a primary residence and located in the backyard of a property.

    A laneway suite, also known as a backyard suite or granny flat, is a small self-contained living unit that is typically located in the backyard of a residential property.

    A garage is a building or structure that is used to store and park vehicles, typically automobiles. It can be attached to a home or be a standalone building.

    An interior design permit is a permit required for interior design work, such as renovations or alterations to a building’s structure, electrical or plumbing systems, or fire protection systems.

    How Its Works

    Call or email us to discuss your project

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    Once confirm the process, next step schedule a site visit. This helps preliminary concept analysis, based on the zoaning and Code requirements

    We design your project with applicable zoaning and code requirements

    We submit the drawing package to the municipality for the approval behalf homeowner.

    Receive the permit and issue it to homeowner. This stage homeowner receive the approved permit package.


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